Twitter Integration in TrueSight Intelligence now available

Version 2
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    Social Media Engagement is becoming more and more important in every organization. Having a presence on social channels like Twitter is essential for businesses to build brand awareness, increase website traffic and analyze social sentiments.


    The following is a step by step procedure to integrate your twitter data into TrueSight Intelligence. As a prerequisite, ensure you have access to your twitter account. In addition to this, there is a video tutorial available with a real world scenario.


    Step 1 : Please log into TrueSight Intelligence.



    Step 2 :  On the top navigation bar, click on Integrations.




    Step 3 : Under third party products, select Twitter.



    Step 4 : Enter a unique name for the integration, enable pop-up-windows. A new window opens when you click on Link Twitter Account. Enter your twitter credentials and authorize TrueSight Intelligence to use your account.




    Step 5 : Adding a filter enables you to search the configured twitter account. Enter a filter name, keywords supported by Twitter for searching tweets. Choose a severity that will be assigned to twitter events in TSI. Select the application in the drop down, or type a new app name. Select the frequency as to how often the tweets are searched. You could also add key:value pairs that will be added to the resulting events. Once you enter the information, hit save.


    Step 6 : Twitter account integration is complete. The tweets will start to appear under Events with type twitter.tweet



    To view the latest documentation, go here: