Deeplink Email Notifications for MyIT Service Request

Version 1
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    Even though this link can't take you the full details of Service Request however it can provide a hyperlink which will directly open the service request summary view in MyIT.

    Below are the steps which i followed for enabling email notifications with deep link.

    I've tested this method with MyIT version v3.0 SP1 to 3.3 and its working and I'm not sure if there is any change in the recent Digital Workplace rlease or version prior to 3.0 SP1.


    1. We have customised the ITSM Generic Template email template as shown below. You may can remove the hidden parameters. Basically need to have a HTML template translate email to HTML format.

    Note: If I don't use ITSM Generic Template then the variable replacement for SRInstanceID doesn't work and I don't want to create any custom filters.


    2. In this example we modify the Notification Message Tag for 'SRM-REQ-Subitted-Requester' you can follow same approach for any Service Request Notification tag . I have added Email Template as ITSM Generic Template and Email Body updated for the deep link hyperlink. For approval you may can use activityTab value as approvals.


    Note: There could be a better way to use MyIT server URL instead of hard coding them in the email template but we didn't build any custom workflows.