Atrium CMDB - ERROR Dataset is not found ARERR 120121 when saving a CI in a newly created dataset.

Version 6
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    Newly created datasets show up in the list of datasets on Asset and Atrium Core consoles but when creating CIs in the dataset, an error throws up "Dataset is not found. : <DatasetName> (ARERR 120121)".
    CIs can still be created in old/existing data sets.

    You will get this error in AtriumCore Reconciliation job log when merging CIs into previously identified and merged CI and Relationship destination datasets like BMC.ASSET. This dataset is typically the final destination for CI's and it keeps track of the data provenance (source) by capturing the DatasetId and attributes which won the Merge contest in their weight.



    CMDB CI's records keep track of the data provenance (source) by capturing the DatasetId and attributes in AttributeDataSourceList field (BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement)



    Legacy ID:KA409779

    When you see this error, then this means that some or all previously merged records into the BMC.ASSET have come from the dataset that the error is referring to.
    It means that your RE:Group record for Precedence groups has not been associated with the dataset and hence it has no idea how to apply the weight for the CI when merging.
    This can happen even if there is no update for the CI and the source data has no matching records in any of the source datasets.
    By "matching records" we mean CI's that have the same ReconciliationIdentity value as the CI in the destination dataset, mostly BMC.ASSET.

    CAUTION: Due to the nature of this complex data management process, some BMC Software engineers unaware of this might have recommended that you set the AttributeDataSourceList field to a NULL value for all records in BMC.ASSET. Unfortunately this is not recommended. Your data must reflect its provenance. Please see the following community post that covers this topic in detail:



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