ADDM: When using "BMC Client Gateway connectivity", the second CMDB sync connection created in Discovery fails with "Sync target updating dataset BMC.ADDM on <ip >already exists"

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    Discovery 11.1.x and previous versions


    Customer is using "BMC Client Gateway connectivity" to synchronize to three Remedy On Demand AR/CMDB servers (prod, qa and test).  Each of the AR/CMDB servers have their own IP address but in this case, Discovery has to use the IP of the BMC Client Gateway with a specific port. The gateway will redirect the traffic to the correct AR/CMDB server. In most cases, the dataset will be named "BMC.ADDM" on each of the three AR/CMDB servers.

    The customer can typicall create the first CMDB sync connection in Discovery with the IP of the gateway, dataset BMC.ADDM and the relevant port. 

    However, the second sync connection to be created fails with the error below:

    Unable to update CMDB RoD prod:  Sync target updating dataset BMC.ADDM on <ip> already exists 


    Discovery defect DRUD1-20252/DRUD1-16890


    Fix to defects DRUD1-20252/DRUD1-16890 is included in Discovery version 11.2

    - use 3 distinct dataset names. For example: BMC.ADDM.PROD, BMC.ADDM.QA and BMC.ADDM.TEST (instead of 3xBMC.ADDM). This is the simplest workaround.
    - configure the DNS to bind 3 DNS names with the ip of the BMC Client Gateway. For example:, and
    - use 1 single client gateway configured with 3 distinct ip addresses. This would allow you to keep one single dataset name. 
    - use 3 distinct client gateways (to have 3 distinct ips). 

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