Remedy AR Server:- How to create keystore and import certificate for SSL/TLS

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    General Steps:

    1. - Export the certificate from respective server.
    2. - Use keystore to create keystore and import the certificate.
    3. - Configure Remedy using SSL.



    Steps to create keystore and import the certificate to configure Remedy work with SSL or TLS protocol are as below:


    1.  Obtain a certificate from the LDAP, Exchange, or other server with which you want to establish an SSL/TLS connection, i.e. export the client certificate with .cer extension.  (You can also use .crt and .der files).



    2. Copy the certificate file to the AR Server in which you want to import it into the keystore.



    3. For example: C:\Certificates\xxx.cer

    Where xxx is the certificate name.



    4.  Verify which Java path is being used by the AR System server (example:  C:\Program files\Java\jre\bin).



    5.  Open a command prompt and navigate to the AR server's Java path.



    6.  Use the below command to create a keystore and import the certificate that you downloaded from the server (xxx.cer)

         Keytool –import –noprompt –trustcacerts –keystore <path1> -storepass “<password>” –alias <aliasname> -file <path2>



    - Path1: path where you want to create .jks (keystore), for example: “C:\Cert\LDAP.jks

    - Password: any password with which the keystore can be accessed, example: remedy12

    - Aliasname: alias name for the keystore, example: AREALDAP

    - Path2: path where you have copied the .cer file, example: “c:\Cert\xxx.cer



    7. The above command will create a keystore and import the certificate into the keystore where it will be available to use with AR server.


    Refer the attached document for screenshot and steps.

    This is also available in the Knowledge Base with Article Id:

    000117141How to create keystore and import certificate in order to configure Remedy with SSL.

    Link: KnowledgeArticle - BMC



    How to configure SSL for Tomcat is available on below site.

    Link: Configuring SSL for the Tomcat server - BMC MyIT 3.3 - BMC Documentation