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    Problem Summary # We have hidden all the SRDs from ITSM in MyIT, only SRDs deployed from SBE are available in MyIT. 
    We only want to have the categories which are defined in SBE to be displayed into the Browse category, but we could see "Business Requests" as well which is OOTB category,  Could you please let me know how to hide the OOTB 'Business Request' category as client doesn't want to see it?


    Option to hide the SRM categories from browse categories

    Add below property in file and restart the MyIT/SmartIT Tomcat

    000000000000001.browse.categories.enabled.SRM = false 

    Note: If you have multiple tenant, you will have to mention each tenant id in a new property like 

    000000000000001-1.browse.categories.enabled.SRM = false

    On upgraded later versions of DWP the update line above does not work. On 18.11 upgraded system updating with the line below and then restarting Tomcat removed the Business Request category:

    000000000000001.browse.categories.enabled.COMBO = false

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