Enabling Tracking of Actions on Remedyforce Records

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Enabling Tracking of Actions on Remedyforce Records




    To update the record history when an action is performed, you must configure and activate the following workflow. If you do not configure the workflow, the record is not updated with the modified time and user who modified the record when any actions, such as Email, Client Note, are performed on a record.

    To enable tracking of actions performed on a record
    1.Click the Remedyforce Administration tab. 
    2.On the Home page, click Manage Workflows and Other Processes tile, and from the menu, select Workflow Rules. 
    3.Click New Rule. 
    4.In the Step 1: Select Object section on the New Workflow Rule page, from the Object list, select Incident History. 
    5.Click Next. 
    6.In the Step 2: Configure Workflow Rule section, perform the following actions:a.In the Edit Rule section, enter a name in the Rule Name field. 
    b.Enter a required description in the Description field. 

    7.In the Evaluation Criteria section, for the Evaluate the rule when a record is field, select created. 
    8.In the Rule Criteria section, from the Run this rule if the following list, select criteria are metand perform the following actions:a.From the Fields list, select Incident History: Incident#. 
    b.From the Operator list, select not equal to. 
    c.In the Value field, enter Null. 

    9.Click Save & Next. 
    10.In the Immediate Workflow Actions section, select New Field Updateand perform the following actions:a.Enter a Name and Unique Name. 
    b.From the Field to Update list, select Incident and from the next list select Record Update Count. 
    c.In the Specify New Field Value section, select Use a formula to set the new value and enter BMCServiceDesk__FKIncident__r. BMCServiceDesk __UpdateCount__c + 1 in the text field. 

    For Task History:  BMCServiceDesk__FKWO__r.BMCServiceDesk__UpdateCount__c + 1 
    For Problem History:  BMCServiceDesk__FKProblem__r.BMCServiceDesk__UpdateCount__c + 1 
    For Change Request History:  BMCServiceDesk__FKChange__r.BMCServiceDesk__UpdateCount__c + 1 
    For Release History:  BMCServiceDesk__FKRelease__r.BMCServiceDesk__UpdateCount__c + 1 
    For Broadcast History:BMCServiceDesk__FKBroadcast__r.BMCServiceDesk__UpdateCount__c + 1 

    d.Click Save. 

    11.Activate this workflow rule. 
    12.Repeat step 3 through step 12for the following objects: 

    •Task History 
    •Problem History 
    •Change History 
    •Release History 


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