ADDM/Discovery - Syncing to a custom CMDB relationship in a different namespace than BMC.CORE causes duplicates

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    If you create a relationship class in a custom namespace (i.e. other than BMC.CORE), and then create or edit a sync mapping in Discovery to populate that relationship during the Discovery CMDB sync, then after the Discovery CMDB sync is run more than once, there will be duplicate entries for this relationship instead of it being updated. 

    This behaviour is seen in Discovery


    This has been recorded as defect DRUD1-20234. A fix is tentatively scheduled for 11.1.05 and 11.2.

    It is also worth noting a previous defect DRUD1-16687. That defect showed behaviour similar to this, but affected CIs in a class with a custom namespace rather than relationships as this one does. That was reported in an earlier version of BMC Discovery and fixed in and later.

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