Fields created with Atrium are not clickable / editable eg: fields in AST:ComputerManagement or IP:Endpoint

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Midtier 9x IE and other browsers


    Customer creates new fields for AST:Computer Management or IP:EndPoint using CMDB wizard

    We found that that an element is rendered in front of the DNSHostname and that makes the field non editable

    We checked the css settings for the PageBody blocking DNSHostname or other fields 
     element {
        z-index: 997;
        top: 166px;
        left: 5px;
        width: 301px;
        height: 21px;
    Where the actual DNSHostname field had
    element {
        z-index: 0;
        top: 191px;
        left: 5px;
        width: 327px;
        height: 21px;
    setting it in the backstage rather than on top



    Defect SW00507980


    This is a known  Defect SW00507980 and is resolved with ARS 9.1.04.


    1.    Get to the form with the problem
     Find problematic form

    Launch developer tools by pressing F12 Key (tool is available on IE , chrome or Firefox latest versions)

    When the tool opens go to the “elements” or DOM tab 
     User-added image
    Click on the first Icon (Select an element I the page to inspect it)
     User-added image
    Then Hover over the field you can’t focus, and click 
    User-added image

    You would find that there is a “glass pane” element in front of that field

    Note the field ID “301134900” in this example

    Use this number on the script

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var waitForLoad = function () {
    if (typeof jQuery != "undefined") {
    } else {
        window.setTimeout(waitForLoad, 500);
    window.setTimeout(waitForLoad, 500);   

    Add this script to the Web page footer of this form. 
    Flush midtier Cache and browser cache, reload page on browser. Problem should be solved

    Questions: What happens if I have more than 1 field in this fieldset? Do I need to repeat this for every field on the same fieldset? 
    Answer: No, just do it once for each fieldset that has this problem

    Question: If I have several fieldsets on the form do I need to create several scripts? 
    Answer: Yes create one script per fieldset. Web page footer can accept several scripts 

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