Discovery: An SNMP v3 scan fails for some network devices, but the endpoint can be successfully discovered after restarting tideway services (EngineID)

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping


    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping


    An SNMP v3 scan of a supported network device fails with “Skipped (Device is an unsupported device)”.

    The customer is able to do an snmpwalk from the discovery command line successfully.

    Other SNMP devices were discovered by the appliance using the same credentials.

    A credential test failed with "SNMP request timed out". Increasing the timeout to 100s did not help.

    After a restart of the tideway services, the device was discovered successfully


    This is a known defect: DRUD1-14790


    This is a known defect: DRUD1-14790

    Analysis indicates that the problem is related to when some network devices are operating in a master/slave mode where they both present the same EngineID, which is supposed to be unique. Discovery scans the first one successfully, but then the second one fails until the cache is flushed (by the service restart) - at which point a rescan of the first would fail, and so on. 

    As of Nov 2017, development is still working on to fix this, and there is no ETA at this time. 

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