Exception occur while retrieving USM data (ARWARN 150502) also (ARERR 191014)

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management



    failed to submit service request after Import SRD

    LP: BMC Service Request Management 7.6.04
    DR: BMC Service Request Management 7.6.04

    I have a SRD in our test. I need to import another version from our prod. So i delete the one in the test and tried to import the new version. After import, when I submit the service request, I got these errors "Exception occur while retrieving USM data. (ARWARN 150502) " and ""The specified requestable offering <OI-1a484e3a438140a2a8a6baa6cd8587ae> was not found in <BMC.ASSET>. (ARERR 191014)".

    Issue Summary: failed to submit service request after Import SRD





    Legacy ID:KA412620


    1. Open SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_Base for and query for affected SRD.

    2. Now go to Misc tab and copy the values of 'RO Instance ID' field.

    3. Now Open BMC.CORE:BMC_RequestableOffering form query this form for 'Instance ID' as 'Ro Instance ID' of SRD.

    4. If record is found, check 'Marked as Deleted' Field. Change it to "No" if it is set as "Yes", and save the form.
    If no record is found, go back to SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_Base form and delete values of 'Ro Dataset ID', 'RO Instance ID' and 'RO Recon ID', and save the form.

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