ARERR 45093 when attempting to change the Status of a Task[1]

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    Remedy Service Desk Application


    BMC Remedy Service Desk Application



    This issue occurs on Incident Management due to the filter TMS:SHR:Inactive_StatusLock.

    There error message states "This task (or group) must be activated (from the parent) before it can be changed to the status: Assigned (ARERR 45093)
    This issue is recreated when
    1) Open a Incident Request and Click on the Tasks link
    2) Create a New Task
    3) Open the Task and Assign the Task to a user and set Status to
    Assigned. Click save Expected Results:
    The Task status is updated to Assigned Actual Results:
    An error message blocks the update

    BMC Remedy ITSM 7..604 SP2




    Legacy ID:KA369127


    The error which you are getting is due to backend workflow which sets the Status field of any Task automatically.

    This is working as designed. If you would move the incident to Work In Progresss, then the Task will have the status Assigned automatically.

    If the Incident is in "assigned", the Task will be "staged". You can say, this is the planing phase.  Move the Incident to Work In Progress and the Task get Assigned. Snowball principle, you can't
    start to work on a child-entity, before the master-entity is active.

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