Server Administration comes blank

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server




    After Installing ARS 7.1.0, When I click on the I click on ARS SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE, I dont see the anything on the left Navigation.

      Arserver 7.1 
       Windows And Linux  




    Legacy ID:KA307614

      Follow the steps 
      Step 1: 

    Delete following forms  and associated workflow


    AR System Administration: Support Form;


    AR System Administration: Server Information;


    AR System Administration: License Review;


    Note: Above forms are vendor forms, hence no data associated with these forms. Deleting them would not cause any issue.


    Step 2:


    After deletion, import them back. You can use the serveradmin definition present in <AR_INSTALL>//installforms/en/serveradmin.def


    Step 3:


    Log in to user tool and access Server information



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