User getting error when submitting request On Behalf Of other with READ LICENSE "You do not have write license (ARERR 8932).You do not have write access to this record:301363101 (ARERR 331).

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    Remedy OnDemand


    BMC Remedy OnDemand



    When trying to set the On Behalf Of on service request, users with Read Licenses receive the following error:
    You do not have a write license (ARERR 8932)
    you do not have write access to this record 301363101 (ARERR 331)


    If a user has a Read Only License (which most do as they are only submitting requests) they receive this error.
    Also, User and CTM:People Form have correct Permissions

    Environment: BMC Remedy OnDemand 20.11.01(7.6.04) and BMC Service Request Management 20.11.01(7.6.04)




    Legacy ID:KA378402


    To Resolve the issue, Flush Entitlement Cache.

    -Go to Application Administrator Console
    -Custom Configuration
    -Service Request Management
    -Entitlement->Entitlement Management
    -Other Function -> User Validation -> Flush Entitlement Cache


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