CLM: ARERR[552] The SQL database operation failed

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.00 or higher



    When trying to open BMC Cloud My Services Console, the following error is thrown: "The SQL database operation failed. : The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION. (SQL Server 3903) (ARERR 552) "

    Following activities are performed, but none of them help to address this error:
    1. SQL Database Server for Cloud Remedy AR System has enough disk space.
    2. Restart Cloud Remedy AR System, MidTier server, and SQL Database Server.
    3. Flush MidTier cache.




    Legacy ID:KA369652


    How to remediate:
    1: Check if transaction log for database 'ARSystem' is full.

    2: To find out why space in the log cannot be reused, see the log_reuse_wait_desc column in sys.databases.

    3: Connect to SQL Server Database and pull out the "sys.databases" table and get it check by DBA if it has an entry which says that the DB is full. Modify this value to get it reuse.


    Contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance.
    Additional information: Refer to How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support

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