ARERR[552] The SQL database operation failed

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environment: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 2.1


    When we try to open the Cloud My Services Console we get the error message "The SQL database operation failed. : The ROLLBACK TRANSACTION request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION. (SQL Server 3903) (ARERR 552) "

    We checked the database servers for itsm and cdb - they have enough disk space - so they are not out of space. We restarted the ARS mid-tier, itsm, cdb and both corresponding database servers and started them again.
    the issue is still the same.
    We also flushed the mid-tier cache - no change in the issue.




    Legacy ID:KA369652


    1: Check if transaction log for database 'ARSystem' is full.


    2: To find out why space in the log cannot be reused, see the log_reuse_wait_desc column in sys.databases.

    3: Connect to the database and pull out the "sys.databases" table and get it check by DBA if it has an entry which says that the DB is full.

    4: Modify this value to get it reuse.


    Contact Support if issue still persists.

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