Change or move database servers used with AR server

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    Change, move or switch database servers used with AR server. Applicable to all version of AR Server.






    Legacy ID:KA371513


    In order change the database servers please make sure of the following points:


    1] Database server must be reachable from server on which AR servers is installed i.e. application server.


    2] Database password specified for database or tablespace should be same or need to change it in ar.conf or ar.cfg file.


    Further changes required for SQL servers:


    Need to modify the following parameters:


    Sybase-Server-Name: Server-name\Instance-name


    Otherwise details can be updated through the database tab at AR System Administration Console ==> System ==> General 


    Further changes required for Oracle database servers:




    In case of Oracle database need to modify the tnsnames.ora file but sometimes modifying this file directly does not works so kindly update the files using Network Configuration Assistant which is installed with Client libraries installed on application server.


    This normally modifies or recreates the Oracle connect string using the Oracle client software installed on the AR Server.


    Oracle-SID, Oracle-Cursor-Sharing and Oracle-Two-Task parameters used will need to be modified in ar.conf file and these changes will require a restart of AR server services.


    Further kindly make sure that you are able to ping the database using tnsping command as well as the database password is correct and specified in ar.conf file.


    If tnsping shows ok from application server i.e. server on which AR server is installed, database password and version are correct then AR server will be able to connect and will not have any impact.


    Kindly check the CURSOR_SHARING option is set with correct value on both application and database servers as it will impact the performance of AR server.




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