SLM server group configuration settings

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    Correct SLM Server Group Configuration and Service Target (SVT) building process.




    Legacy ID:KA382153


    - Log into Admin Server (Primary)
    - Open "AR System Server Group Operation Ranking" form.
    - Admin Operations and Business Rule Engine should have same rank (Rank 1)
    - Go to AR System Administration Console -> General -> Server Information -> Configuration -> Disable Admin operations must be unchecked.
    - Check armonitor.cfg/conf file. The line for "slmbrsvc.exe" must be commented out on Secondary server and uncommented on Primary server.
    - Check ar.cfg/conf file, the parameter "Business-Rules-Engine-Suspended" should be "F" on Primary and "T" on Secondary server.
    - You must restart the Servers for the changes to take effect.

    Further following steps are necessary for building Service Target in as server group environment:

    - Login to directly to the Admin Server (NOT through load balancer)

    - Admin Server should be taken out of the Server Group (optional)
    Reason: There is no mandatory requirement to take the primary server out of the server group while building SVTs but building SVTs can have an impact on memory allocation to observer process and, in extreme conditions, that can result in crash of observer if memory reaches maximum size for process in that Operating System.

    - Dev Cache mode should be enabled
    Reason: administrative operations complete faster because the administrative thread doesn't need to copy the cache, and that less memory is used because there is only ever one copy of the cache.

    - Post building SVT, the Admin Server can be put back in Server Group after disabling Dev Cache mode.

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