Custom entry/access points on Application List

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    How to create custom entry points on application list under both Quick Links and under main list

    LP: BMC Remedy AR System Server 8.1.00
    DR: AR System Client 8.1.00

    Details: How to create custom entry points on application list under both Quick Links and under main list

    Issue Summary: need assistance with Home Page "Application List" field ..





    Legacy ID:KA409871


    For entry point(s) under Quick Links:

    > With form open in Developer Studio on Properties Tab > Labels enter in a label for New and or Search (We already completed this step on our webex) and save the form
    > Open the form in Developer Studio and from the top toolbar go to >Form > Form Properties and select Entry Points.
    > Select whether you wish to have New and/or Search entry point enabled.
    > Save the form

    ...below are steps to clear cache inroder to see the changes made
    > From MidTier Configuration page, flush cache
    > Clear browser(IE) cache and test
    > Entry point name you created should show up under Quick Links

    For entry point(s) under main application list NOT under Quick Links:

    The form(s) which is to be opened from Application List:
    > From Developer Studio, first create an overlay for the form(s) you wish to open from the link(s)
    > Create New and or Search Labels for entry points from Properties Tab
    > From Form Properties, check New and or Search Entry Points
    > Save the form(s)

    From the new deployable application:
    > Create a new deployable application
    > Give it a label which is what will show from the application list
    > Set State = Production
    > Add the form(s) with entry points you wish to have, to Forms table ONLY. DO NOT add to Access Points.
    > Save application, flush MT cache and clear local browser cache and test

    ****Also keep in mind permissions must be considered at the Application, forms, fields etc. level.

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