BMC24305 message generates indicating a RRSAF failure when starting the Common Data Collector(MVDB2/DC).

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    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2



    Mainview for DB2: Version 11.1.00


    BMC24305 message generates indicating a RRSAF failure when starting the Common Data Collector(MVDB2/DC).




    Legacy ID:KA410846


    Some customers have reported a security violation warning from their External Security Manager followed by a BMC24305 message with the reason code shown below when starting the Common Data Collector(MVDB2/DC).


    BMC24305 DBnn RRSAF failure DB2=DBO1 RC=00000008 RS=00F30013 


    With MainView for DB2 v11.1.00 for the MVDB2/DC component, the connection to DB2 will use RRSAF if this is available (and will fall back to using CAF if RRSAF is not available). This requires READ authority for the user id to be able to connect to the DB2 Subsystem with RRSAF.


    The Reason code, 00F30013 in the above message is documented as follows:

    The requester is not authorized to connect to this DB2 subsystem. This condition might indicate an attempted security violation.

    System action
    The connection request is denied.

    System programmer response
    Examine the console/SYSLOG output for RACF messages issued when a request is denied. Refer the user to your security administrator if the user should be granted authorization to a DB2 subsystem. Refer to Part 3 of
    Administration Guide for examples of how to authorize users for specific DB2 subsystems.


    To prevent this condition from occurring you must follow authorization requirements that are documented in BMC Global Infrastructure Administration Guide (Required authorizations for user IDs):


    READ authority for System Authorization Facility (SAF) class DSNR for:
    db2ssid .BATCH
    needs to be given to the DBCSTC user.

    By default,  SYSADM is utilized  for starting traces and executing  Explains.

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