ARERR 9130 failures from attempt to access the Collector Configuration Console or configure a Collection Point

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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    The initial problem accessing the Collector Configuration Console was a password issue which was resolved after clarification that the default password to login is 'password' and making the necessary changes to the collectorCfgAuth.xml file to allow client connection: see KA362977 for additional detail. Any attempt to access the Collector Configuration Console or to configure a Collection Point after these changes were made failed with ARERR 9130 errors. An uninstall and reinstall of SLM Collector to its own separate webserver instance was done after confirming the install of Collector was to the same webserver as MidTier. The ARERR 9130 errors persisted, however, even after verifying the port configuration for SLM Collector: see KA341789 for additional details.




    Legacy ID:KA371696


    In this case, there were issues with resolution of the server using localhost and the ARERR 9130 errors were resolved after modifying the collectorCfgAuth.xml file and replacing this reference with the IP address of the server box where SLM Collector was running. Update to workflow referencing localhost was also necessary:

    - edit the file WSFilters.xml found under the SLM install directory structure and replace every instance of



              <IP address of the server box where SLM Collector is running>:xxxx

    - if SIM integrations are installed, edit the file INTEG_INTSIMSLM_SLM%LandScape2.def found in the AR Integrations install directory structure and make the same replacement

    - save the file(s) and reimport using the Import in Place option

    Please reference KA341789 for additional detail on a similar method to update workflow and use a different port than the default port 8080.

    If ARERR 9130 errors persist after verifying

    1) the SLM Collector is running on its own webserver

    2) the port configured for SLM Collector in the server.xml file


         a. is open and available and is not being used by any other service or process
         b. corresponds to the port defined for workflow in the WSFilters.xml (and INTEG_INTSIMSLM_SLM%LandScape2.def) file

    generate clientside ARAPILOGGING and client Active Link, API, SQL, Filter logging from the action which is failing with ARERR 9130 errors and submit a request to technical support for evaluation. The ARERR 9130 error will be captured in the clientside ARAPILOGGING output.

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