An example of how to create attributes using CMDB driver

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    Customer had problems creating attributes in CMDB BMC_BaseElement class - Process Errors Out

    Details: Customer tried to create attributes using CMDB Class Manager and after 45 minutes the CMDB class status changed from "Change Pending" to "Error".
    The status did not show the error details.
    After closing the Class Manager console and reopening it the Class Status changes to "Active" but the attributes are not created.




    Legacy ID:KA350035


    Here is an example of how to create attributes using CMDB driver -

    ( Note - please use this as reference only as this is for display only attribute , you may need to select appropriate options per requirement )

    First, you need to start CMDBdriver from your ARServer. Just type on your CMD (command prompt): cmdbdriver

    1. Start CMDB Driver from your command prompt line (CMD) by typing 'cmdbdriver' command:     
      • Menu displayed:
    1. Initialize it by typing 'init' command:     
      • Command: init
        CMDBInitialization results
        ReturnCode: OK
        Status List : 0 items
    3. Enable your log by typing 'log' command:     
      • Command: log
        Control record:
        Authentication string () :
        User name () : Demo
        Password () : ****
        Locale[.charSet] () :
        TimeZone () :
        Server () : localhost <=== Or type your server
    5. Set your Server Port (if using Port Mapper just skip this case) by typing 'ssp' command:     
      • Command: ssp
        The TCP port number of the server (0): 7500 <=== Place your port here
        The RPC port number of the server (0):
        CMDBSetServerPort results
        ReturnCode: OK
        Status List : 0 items
    7. Type command to Create Attribute 'ca' :     
      • Command: ca
        Class Name
        Namespace (): BMC.AM
        Class name (): TestWagner
        Attribute Name (): TestAttribute
        Attribute Id ():
        Datatype Null/Int/Real/Char/Diary/Enum/Time/Decimal/Attach/Currency/Date/TimeOfDay/AttachPool
        (0, 2-7, 10-14, 37) (0): 4
        AR Field Id (0):
        Entry Mode: (Required/Optional/Display-Only) (1-2,4) (1): 4
        Maximum length (128):
        If is a list, specify list format ():
        Menu style - Append or Overwrite (1 or 2) (1):
        Character menu ():
        Pattern ():
        Match operation - Anywhere, Leading match, or Equal (1 - 3) (2):
        Have default value? (T): f
        Getting Characteristics for this attribute
        Number of Characteristics (0):
        Getting Custom Characteristics for this attribute
        Number of Characteristics (0):
    9. Hit 'Enter' key and you will see the results as follow:     
      • CMDBCreateAttribute results
        ReturnCode: OK
        Status List : 0 items
      • Example:
    To confirm Attribute was created successfully, you can view it by using Get Attribute command:  
    1. Type 'ga' command, Namespace, Class name and Attribute Name:     
      • Example:

    Attribute created must be available also on your environment by opening your Class Manager. If not, do a Flush Cache on your MidTier.

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