Message Advisor for IMS - Shared Queues support does not function when running z/OS 2.1

Version 2
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    Message Advisor for IMS


    Message Advisor for IMS



    Message Advisor for IMS
    Versions 1.5.01 and V1.6.00
    February 7th, 2014
    Tracking IDs BPQ9421, BPQ9420, QM001812281, SLN000015176707, QM001812280, SLN000015176705 
    BMC is alerting users to a problem in the following products for the IBM® IMS™
     Message Advisor for IMS
    IMS shared queues support does not function properly in Message Advisor when the following conditions exist:
    ? You are running IBM z/OS Version 2.1 in your IMS environment.
    ? You are running shared queues and select either of the following actions from the Message Advisor Primary Menu panel:
    —To display or dequeue specific IMS messages (option 2)
    —To display statistics for IMS message queues (option 3)
    ? You are displaying shared queues and select either of the following actions:
    —To execute IMS commands with Message Advisor (option 6 on the Message Advisor Primary Menu panel)
    —To run a Message Advisor batch job, by executing a statement such as:


    This problem causes Message Advisor to generate error message BMC43650E,indicating an error occurred during IXLMG processing. As a result, Message
    Advisor does not complete the request to the shared queue, and the command terminates.




    Legacy ID:KA408818


    The following table provides information and hyperlinks about the PTF that resolves this issue:
    Version PTF     Defect      Solution         KA
    1.5.01  BPQ9421 QM001812281 SLN000015176707
    1.6.00  BPQ9420 QM001812280 SLN000015176705 


    You must restart the Message Advisor Server to make the PTF change effective.


    BMC recommends using BMC Internet Service Retrieval (ISR) to obtain PTFs. For
    information about ISR, see your product’s installation guide.


    You can also obtain PTFs from eFix PTF Distribution Services (eFix). You can access
    eFix directly at or from the support site.
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    release notes are available on the website. You can subscribe to proactive alerts to
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    about proactive alerts, see the Support Central website.


    If you have questions, contact Customer Support at 1 800 537 1813 (United States or Canada)
    or call your local support center.


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