Information regarding the Out of the box approval configuration for RKM application

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    Remedy Knowledge Management Application With 1 User


    BMC Remedy Knowledge Management Application With 1 User



    Information regarding the Out of the box approval configuration for RKM application




    Legacy ID:KA353367


    CAUSE: Custom approval configuration problem


    In regards to the problem reported by you:

    Approval configuration problem:


    As discussed during our telephone conversation we understand that you would like to have a custom approval configuration similar to your sandbox environment(where approval is working fine) and you will review the configuration do the needful to replicate the same on your test environment. However you have requested to send the arx information inputs sent by Neha for her review.

    1. The below information is only if you want to configure Out of the box approval configuration and just for your information as requested which may also be helpful to you in understanding the list of RKM approval related arx files information.

    2. Please do not do any configuration changes (other than database backup) if you want to go for out of the approval configuration.

    Below are the inputs if you would like to go for the Out of the approval configuration:

    1. Take a database backup. (snapshot )
    2. For the below mentioned 9 forms, please go ahead and delete all the records existing at the customer end pertaining to RKM.
    Ensure you do not delete record for any other application . For example , in AP:ProcessDefinition form there is a field called 'Form*' . So we need to
    delete only which contains RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager as the value.
    3. Do it for all the forms and then import the following arx's (in order).

    I noticed that 3 arxs(Mentioned below) were not there and one extra arx for form

    ARX's(In order)

    APR:Field Value Pair
    APR:Approval Chain Element
    APR:Approval Action
    APR:Approval Chain
    APR:SYS-Approval Definition -( Not sent )
    APR:Application Registration
    AP:Process Definition-( Not Sent)
    AP:Form-(Not Sent)

    This should help resolve customer issue.


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