Unable to onboard Network Pod into BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x release or higher



    New Network Pod is created in BladeLogic Network Automation (BNA) server but when trying to onboard this new Network Pod in BMC Cloud Administration Console, the following error is observed:


    "errorCause" : "Unable to create DB record for pod Pod: '<POD name>', failed to find Location with ReconciliationID: '<GUID>' in the database.."



    Site entry does not exist in BMC_PhysicalLocation Form of Cloud AR System Server or CMDB integration is not enabled on BMC Network Automation Server.



    Legacy ID:KA382860


    Scenario 1 (2 AR System Servers - Cloud AR System Server and Enterprise AR System Server):
    This problem can occur if the entry for the location in the PhysicalLocation form only exists on the BMC Remedy ITSM Server (Enterprise AR) and not on BMC Cloud AR/Cloud DB server.

    If the record only exists on the BMC Remedy ITSM server (Enterprise AR) and not on the BMC Cloud AR server, then make sure that DSO is configured and working correctly.


    Go to System - General - System Information - Connection Settings - DSO Server. Check to make sure the server names and port numbers are correct for the connection to the Cloud AR server. Also check the same on the Cloud AR server too to confirm the connections are there to the ITSM server.

    If the hostnames are resolvable and ports correct, re-enter in the DSO Local Password on both BMC Remedy ITSM servers, then re-enter the password beside the server name in the little tables listing the connections to the other AR server. This way you can be sure they are matching.

    After the changes restart the AR servers

    If the PhysicalLocation entry exists on the BMC Remedy ITSM server, but on the BMC Cloud AR server you have an entry with a class ID of BMC.IMPORT.ENTERPRISE and no entry with a BMC.ASSET class IS, then DSO is working but reconciliation is stopped.

    To get the reconciliation running, make sure there aren't too many entries in the Reconciliation Job Runs form on the BMC Remedy ITSM (Enterprise AR) and BMC Cloud server (Cloud AR). This will make sure the reconciliation manager doesn't hang when looking at the history.


    If you can manage it, delete stuff older than a week (or just a day or two) to make sure there aren't too many entries in there (Check KA369060 - /apex/KAredirectPage?Type=Solution&KA=S:KA369060 for deleting them)


    Once the Job Runs entries are reduced, access the reconciliation manager:

    1. Open up the CMDB:Console on the Cloud AR
    2. Select the Reconciliation Manager tab
    3. Select Job History from left hand side
    4. Select BMC CSM ENT Data Reconciliation job

    If there are too many Job Runs entries then the console will hang here. If they are removed or reduced, the history will be visible then clicking Start Job will start the reconciliation job.

    If the job is in a hung state, kill the arrecond process. Armonitor will restart the process automatically. Then after a few minutes check the reconciliation job run history again to if there are new entries every couple of minutes. If there are, then its running again and the data should get reconciled to BMC.ASSET.

       Scenario 2 (Single AR System Server - Cloud AR System Server):

    For a single AR System Server, validate the following configuration: 
    1. Follow the requirement in this   documentation and ensure a location entry is already created successfully in Physical Location Form of Cloud AR System Server.  

    2. Login to BMC Network Automation Administration Console and go to Admin -> System Admin (System Parameters) -> External Integrations. Ensure "Enable CMDB Integration" is enabled with the correct configuration. 

    3. In BMC Network Automation Administration Console, go to Network -> Virtual Data Center (Pods). Ensure the created Network Pod is associated with the correct Site that is created in step #1. If Site name is empty or unknown, delete this existing Network Pod and re-create your Network Pod again with the correct Site name from step #1.  

    Once all of the configurations above are validated, re-onboard your Network Pod in Cloud LifeCycle Management Administration Console -> Resources -> Pods. 

    Contact BMC Customer Support (customer_support@bmc.com) for further assistance. 

    Additional information: Refer to   How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support 

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