SRM CAI Plugin Server Private Queue Configuration

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management



    How to configure private server queue for the CAI Plugin Server for SRM, DMT, etc?




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    The following is documented in the SRM 7.6.04 Installation Guide, Page 66 - post installation procedures.  By defining/configuring this will allow CAI to use a private server queue for processing CAI Events.


    Generating a private server queue


    This procedure describes how to generate a private server queue.


    NOTE:  To complete this procedure, you must determine the minimum and maximum number of threads to specify for the private server queue.


    To define a private server queue
    1 From the IT Home page, open the AR System Administration Console.
    2 Click System > General >Server Information.
    3 Click the Ports and Queues tab.
    4 Generate a private queue. Click in any blank row of the RPC Prog Number column.
    5 From the RPC Prog Number cell list, type the next available RPC Program Number. Note this number because you need it to configure the CAI:PluginRegistry form.
    6 Click in the new Min Threads cell, and change the value to at least 2.
    7 Click in the new Max Threads cell, and then change the value to at least 6.
    8 Click OK.


    A private queue with the RPC Program Number you specified in step 5 will appear in the table the next time you open the Ports and Queues tab.


    Configuring the CAI:PluginRegistry form
    Perform the following procedure to configure the CAI:PluginRegistry form to recognize the private server queue.


    To configure the CAI:PluginRegistry form
    1 From the File menu in BMC Remedy User, choose Open > Object List.
    2 In the Object List dialog box, click the Find tab.
    3 In the Search What Keywords field, type CAI Plugin Registry, and click New.
    4 In the Private Queue # field, type the private queue number that you generated in above “Generating a private server queue” step 5
    5 In the Number of Threads field, type the maximum number of threads that you specified in above “Generating a private server queue” step 7.
    6 In the Log Level field, select the desired level for the CAI plug-in log entries.  The WARN level is the recommended default value.*
    7 Click Close to save the entry, and close the CAI:PluginRegistry form.
    8 Restart BMC Remedy AR System so that CAI picks up the new private queue information.


    *For CAI Debug logging use "ALL'.


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