Error "Message not in catalog; Message number = 90" when connecting to BMC Remedy ARSystem Server through Atrium Web Services

Version 4
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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x release or higher



    Atrium Orchestrator CMDB Actor Adapter uses Atrium Web Services but is unable to connect to BMC Remedy AR server.

    The following error is thrown in processes.log:

    <message-text>Message not in catalog; Message number = 90</message-text>
    <appended-text>ONC/RPC program not registered localhost</appended-text>

    Running SoapUI, http://<hostname>:<port>/cmdbws/server/cmdbws.wsdl can be accessed and the end points are shown. When running a request to GetClass, the same error is received.




    Legacy ID:KA369483


    Check to see if there is a firewall between the Atrium Web Services Server and BMC Remedy ARSystem Server. This must be configured to allow communication on the ports BMC Remedy ARSystem Server uses.

    Check the TCP-Specific-Port value in ar.conf. Make sure it's possible to telnet to this port and that the hostname is resolvable to the correct IP.

    CMDB Web Services uses the cmdbdriver that sits on BMC Remedy AR server in order to communicate.

    Open a command prompt and change directory to \AtriumCore\cmdb\server64\bin on BMC Remedy AR server

    Run the following:

    2. init
    3. ssp provide specific configured port when prompted, it's the value of TCD-Specific-Port in ar.conf
    4. log


    Auth <blank>
    User Name: Demo
    Passoword <demo password>
    Locale <blank>
    Time Z <blank>
    Server <AR server name or IP Address>


    5. gc (get class)


    name Space BMC.CORE
    classname BMC_ComputerSystem


    If this gives a result then BMC Remedy AR server works correctly.

    It's possible to copy the \bin folder to the Atrium Web Services server and then try these commands again to see if the Atrium Web Services server can connect to BMC Remedy AR server.

    If this still results in an ARERR 90, then set the following variable:


    Try the cmdbdriver command again. Now if the result is returned from BMC Remedy AR server, restart the Atrium Web Services in order for it to pick up this new environment variable.

    Refer to Port mappings documentation on the list of required ports need to be opened for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment.

    Contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance.
    Additional information: Refer to How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support

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