How to download SuSE Patches in BladeLogic 8.0

Version 1

    1. Download and extract the All-OS-Patch-Downloaders zipfile for your platform.


    2. Extract on the appropriate platform (in this case, I pulled down the Windows downloaders, on a Windows box)


    3. Edit the sample-downloader-config-files/sample-suse-downloader-config.xml.  By default it specifies a particular URL, platform, and release: make sure these are correct for the given platform you want.  Also, the temp location by default is /tmp, and the final location (by default) is /home/repo.  If you're wondering where your patches went, there's an idea. 


    4. Once you've corrected the credentials to yours, (the included are dummy credentials), kick off the script as shown:


    E:\8.0-GA\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-build-23\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-build-23>suse_downloader.bat -configFile sample-downloader-config-files/sample-suse-downloader-config.xml


    Here's what the running output will look like:



    Cleaning existing workspace directory on the destination
    Processing suse os arch online filter, os: SLES10, architecture: i586

    [... 900+ rpms later ...]

    Downloading the package: yast2-samba-client-, download url for package: https://[url deleted]/noarch/yast2-samba-client-
    Downloading the package: yast2-samba-client.rpm, download url for package: https://[url deleted]/noarch/yast2-samba-client.rpm
    Writing the repository XML for the os-architecture - SLES10i586
    Download finished successfully.


    ======================= Download Result ================================


             RPMs downloaded         - 952
             RPMs download skipped   - 1
             RPMs download failed    - 0