Event retention / mcell.conf configuration confirmation

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    BMC Impact Manager


    BMC Impact Manager


    BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management (version 8.1.00) DR: @PPMSupport - Adapters - AO;



    Legacy ID:KA327498


    The parameters that are hashed out are the default values.


    If you unhash the #EventDBSize and set it to a larger number it will take effect next time you restart the cell.


     Likewise for


    Event cleanup occurs when :
    it is scheduled to (see EventDBCleanupInterval )
    as soon as EventDBSize is reached


    The cleanup will attempt to remove at least EventDBCleanupPercentage of EventDBSize, to allow space for incoming events.


    EventDBCleanupPreferClosed simply removes closed events first, however, if not enough space is available, then the oldest open events will be removed too.


    The  EventDBNoCleanup* parameters are the only ones that can prevent your events from beeing removed, and can cause the EventDB to be filled (preventing incoming events, so care should be used with this parameter)


    In order to never delete the events you need to set :




    The following is the configuration of the pnet mcell.conf file with relation to Event Retention:


    C:\Program Files\ProactiveNet\pw\server\etc\pncell_myhost\mcell.conf




    When events are cleaned up, there is no way of getting those events back; since they have been permanently removed/deleted.


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