How to register to join our BMC Customer Programs

Version 39
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    To be considered in any of our BMC Customer Programs, you must:

    1. Make sure you have a BMC Account
      1. Don't have one yet? Click here to register (if you're already a Communities Member, good, you're covered and can skip this step)
      2. Log into (to activate your account for Communities)
      3. Log into (to activate your account for documentation)
    2. Have an active BMC Support ID in your profile:
      1. Login to BMC Support
      2. Edit Profile ==> Click on "BMC Support Access" Section
      3. Enter "Support Contract ID" or Follow the link to "manage your support subscription"
        • Click here for CUSTOMER help with locating Support Contract ID
        • Click here for PARTNER help with locating Support Contract ID

       3. Have an individual company email address registered in your profile (ex: and not

       4. Complete the Pre-Release Agreement:

              BMC Software Prerelease Agreement applies to both hosted (environment provided by BMC) and on-premise (your own test environment)

       5. Follow the steps in the specific beta blog-post you're interested in, very likely:

      1. request to join a private group,
      2. check Account/SupportID/Agreement, (the 3 initial steps here)
      3. and comment to let us know more about what you'd want to achieve with this beta Program



    In general, BMC Customer Programs are only available to employees of current BMC Customers and Partners.

    Any questions? Comment below or feel free to email us at