SOI Provisioning fails when BPPM sensors are enabled in providers.json

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environment Details: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 2.1.x


    The provisioning fails with below errors in csm.log:

    OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED:No provider supports this operation.
    Error while making call on BaseMemorySensor for ONBOARD.




    Legacy ID:KA373218


    The below mentioned steps can be performed which will help in troubleshooting this problem:

    • Check the Providers.json file to make sure the "BPPM Provider" and the ProviderDefinitions are available.
    • Run the REST POST Call /csm/provider/search and check if "BPPM Provider" is returned in the result.

    If BPPM Provider is not returned as a result of the above query, then most likely the BPPM Provider was not initialized properly when the Platform Manager was started.
    Verify the csm.log at the time of Platform Manager startup for any errors about BPPM provider initialization.

    • Ensure the BPPM Server hostname, port and password are correct. The BPPM Server name in providers.json points to the BPPM Central/Router server name.

    Encrypt the password of the BPPM Central Server console and check if that matches with the password in providers.json.

    • The error from csm.log file at the time of PM startup would give more pointers about the failure.

    If still an issue, please contact BMC Support.

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