390603 : Too many filters processed during this operation (ARERR 298) : "SLM:EventSchedule"

Version 6
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    BMC Service Level Management


    BMC Service Level Management



    390603 : Too many filters processed during this operation (ARERR 298) : "SLM:EventSchedule"

    > Filter :SLM:EventSchedule:Process Repeat IntervalsCalculateNextIntervalTime is causing a loop.




    Legacy ID:KA389567


    To verify this, please search for ""Availability"" records:
    - open SLM:EventSchedule form in search mode
    - put ""Asset Lifecycle"" in ""SLA_Rule Event ID"" field
    - click on search
    - approximately 10 records are expected
    - delete these records

    This error will not re-appear if SLM sample data is disabled and related compliance records have been deleted as this error is due to filter looping on account of compliance records generated for SLM sample data. This will not occur for Compliance records of general Agreements. However, there are corner cases where this might occur. For such scenario AR Server has a tunable option that is setting of max filter for processing and max stack.
    This is kept tunable as performance vary from system to system and it can be adjusted as required.
    In this scenario typical values would be:
    1. AR System Administration Console -> System -> General -> Server Information
    2. Go to Advanced tab
    3. Set:
    Maximum Stack of Filters = 200
    Maximum Filters for an Operation = 9999999
    Note: there are seven "9" for Maximum Filters for an Operation
    4. Restart the AR Server after updating the above settings
    Another issue analysis due to this error:

    Identified that more than 300 SVT have associated milestone defined. 
    And there is a configuration in milestone named   Repeat For which was set for all associated milestones. 

    Due to this setting several records were getting generated on SLM:EventSchedule form & filter "  SLM:EventSchedule:Process Repeat IntervalsCalculateNextIntervalTime " was getting executed. 

    We have asked to remove all the   Repeat For configurations from milestone & asked to configure At* % of goal. 
    Please refer below screenshot for reference 
    User-added image
    After removing above configuration   no looping has been observed. 


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