TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) Compliance Content install error: The minimum Operations manager version 8.9 was not detected on appserver ( appserver-name )

Version 5
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    TrueSight Server Automation Suite


    TSSA 8.x, 20.x



    Executing the TSSA Compliance Content installer fails with an error similar to: 


    The minimum Operations manager version 8.9 was not detected on appserver ( <appserver-hostname> )



    Error accessing the appserver agent to detect the current version.



    Legacy ID:KA378992


    There are two known causes for this problem.

    Cause 1:


    The Compliance Content installer executes: 'nexec <server> blasadmin version'.


    The TSSA installed appserver environment consists of a "local" RSCD Agent and a normal RSCD Agent install.


    Because of this the appserver dir is not in the environment when nexec runs and blasadmin is not in the path so the nexec fails.



    Add PATH variable from /etc/bmc.profile To the /etc/init.d/rscd file after the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set and restart the RSCD Agent.


    For Example:
    export PATH


    Cause 2:
    The TSSA fileserver name is configured as "localhost" and all incoming NSH connections are mapped to a non-privileged user (via the RSCD Agent's exports, users & users.local ACL files).

    Modify the RSCD Agent ACLs so the inbound client are mappped to a privileged user.

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