MyIT installation errors with "Invalid Tomcat Installation Folder"

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      When installing MyIT 1.0 on 8.1 and 8.0 servers that have ITSM, ARS and MT installed already I am running into the error below, which is directly after server credential validation: 
      "Invalid Tomcat Installation Folder" 
      There are no prompts for existing tomcat dir, just happens immediately after arsystem validations. Read the below on confluence, also the MYIT install, the dir specified has not yet been created so I have no logs at least that I know of: 
      “MyIT Installer will try to find existing Tomcat by env variables ( and registry settings on Windows). 
      If found then it is only required to enter port number you want this Tomcat instance to use for MyIT application.  MyIT Installer validates this port number is not used already. “ 
      The existing Tomcat install is supported version 6.0 and the InstallPath in the registry for it is D:\BMCPrereqs\Apache\Tomcat6.0. Also Java 1.6 JDK is installed, all supported versions according to MyIT documentation 




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    The issue is that MyIT is not supported on Windows 2008 SP2 you MUST have Windows 2008 R2 to run the MyIT Provider server and MyIT Mobility Server on the same host.  OR you can separate them on different hosts where MyIT Mobility server will be the ONLY tomcat installed.






    This is only for a test VM, production installations should have dedicated MyIT server(s) which are separate from the ITSM servers, please see documenation.


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