Entitlement is not working for only one user. He is able to see all the SRD based on Entitlement Rules except only one SRD.

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    BMC Service Request Management


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    On only one SRD, Entitlement is not working as expected. The Rule says: Everyone (ALL User) should be able to see the Specific SRD.

    There are 50 users, out of which only one user is not able to see this SRD, but able to see other 4 SRDs which are under same category.



    Assignee Groups value on the form - SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_Base



    - Need to initially check if the User has Unrestricted Access or not. If not, is the Company specified and is that company identical to what the SRD has?

    - If the above is correct, open SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_Base form, and locate the 4 SRDs which are under the same category.
    - Check what is the value for Field: Assignee Group (Field Id:112)
    - This value should be same for all 4 SRDs.
    - Found that the 3 SRDs which the user is able to see have the same value, but the 4th SRD doesn't have any value in this field.
    - Added the same value to the Assignee Group Field for the SRD which the user is not able to see.
    - Save the SRD >> Relogin and now the User is able to see the SRD


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