Unreleased blcli commands and documentation

Version 7
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    Here's some quick info about the "unreleased blcli" command set:


    • **They are provided without official support from our technical support folks** so use at your own risk
      • They may not work at all
      • They may be incomplete, meaning you can run some commands
    • To generate the documentation for these commands w/ bladelogic 8.x run the command (obviously your install paths may differ):
      • Windows:
    mkdir c:\tmp\unreleased-blcli
    %PROGRAMFILES%\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin\blcli-generate-html.exe "%PROGRAMFILES%\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\br\xml\cli c:\tmp\unreleased-blcli
      • Unix:
    mkdir /tmp/unreleased-blcli
    /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/NSH/br/blcli-generate /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/NSH/br/xml/cli /tmp/unreleased-blcli
    • Once the docs are generated, open the "API-index.html" file which will open a HTML frame set of the various namespaces and their commands.
    • To browse the command namespace run:
      • Windows:
    %PROGRAMFILES%\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin\blcli-browse.exe
      • Unix:
    • If you find yourself using a number of the commands, please create an idea in the Server Automation space noting the command(s). This will not get the command immediately supported, but will help our product management folks track usage.
    • The attached zip includes some commands created that combines blcli commands into a "Complex Command" that does something for which there was not an existing blcli command.
    • To call the unreleased command set in the normal blcli:
      • Unix:
    blcli -Dcom.bladelogic.cli.debug.release-only="false"
      • Windows:
    blcli2 -Dcom.bladelogic.cli.debug.release-only="false"
    • The 'Performance Commands' have the unreleased commands are enabled out-of-the-box and that is a better option than using the blcli because they perform better...
    • Additionally, using the 'subshell' mode of the blcli which provides a 'shell' interface to the blcli (mainly for walking through the commands)
      • Unix:
    blcli -Dcom.bladelogic.cli.debug.release-only="false" -m subshell
      • Windows:
    blcli2 -Dcom.bladelogic.cli.debug.release-only="false" -m subshell
    • You can edit the blcli script file on Unix and add this argument to the java args called when starting the blcli.
    • If you use jython, you can add the java arg to the bljython script (unix) or bljythonexe.cfg file (windows) to enable the unreleased commands there.
    • If you start using the 'unreleased' commands, and create a complex command, it is advisable to create a separate XML file and a new name for the command (see the example commands) so that on upgrade of BladeLogic you don't loose anything (the existing xml files may get overwritten during upgrade)


    And some additional docs here: Best Practice Using the BLCLI [Detailed]