How to Migrate/Restore MyIT Mongo data to another server

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    Customer has a Production AR System with MyIT/SmartIT configured. This has been running for some time and many tickets exist both in AR and the Mongo social database.  The customer also has a Development system which also has AR System with MyIT/SmartIT running successfully. However, it does not contain the tickets/data that exists on the Production server.

    Now, customer needs to move their AR and Mongo social data from the Production to Development system such that it will contain all the Production data. A customer may wish to do this to test upgrade procedures, code promotions, hotfix application etc.

    How can this be achieved?




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    Ticket infomation, posts, likes, comments etc. are stored in the Mongo database. If you are on Mongo 2.6 or newer, you can run an export of your source mongo database with mongodump, copy the folder (that contains the export files) to the target server and run the mongorestore command. This is detailed further at the link below: 

    Note that this would have to be done in conjuction with a restore of an AR database dump from production so that the tickets referenced in the Mongo database exist in the BMC Remedy AR System. Please be sure to backup the record in SHR:SHR_KeyStore on Development as it will be overwritten by the Production value and will need to be restored back to the target's original value. Also, the MyIT Administration Console data source (accessed through Mid-Tier) will need to be changed to the Development server since this will reference the Production database name after the Production AR database dump is restored. 

    NOTE: The Smart IT database schema from Production should not be restored on the Development system. The AR connection (hostname/port combination) information is stored in the Smart IT schema tables and will be correct for the Development system once we do not restore this database from the Production system. 


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