IS0845E DB2 OPEN FAILED - PLAN=BMCMVDB2 RC=00000008 RSN=00F30034

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    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2



    MainView for DB2 BBI-SS PAS will fail with the IS0845E message if the plan or authorization to the plan does not exist. MVDB2 CAF connection requires a plan to enable DB2 to create a thread and is required for reading new IFCIDs introduced in MainView for DB2 V11. Without this plan in place, the MVDB2 background monitor will fail to start and MVDB2 will not be able to monitor the DB2.




    Legacy ID:KA420574


    1. Verify that the plan was bound for that DB2. Use sample job DZBIND to bind the default plan name of BMCMVDB2.


    2.  Verify that the MVDB2 BBI-SS PAS has execution authority for the plan. 


    3. Optionally you can use DMRBEX00, parameter: PLAN= to change the default plan name of BMCMVDB2.  Issue the BBI command, .E P DMRBEX00 to refresh and reload DMRBEX00, or the MVDB2 BBI-SS PAS can be recycled. 


    4. Once the plan and authorization is in place, issue the BBI command:  .S BM db2ssid to start the MVDB2 background monitors.




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