EUEM Collector or Real User Monitor virtual appliance installed on Hyper-V host will not support promiscuous mode.

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics


    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics



    1. An EUEM collector installed as a virtual machine on a Hyper-V host is unable to capture traffic on the wire, even though checks on the host system validate traffic is present.


    2. Cannot find how to set promiscuous mode on Windows server 2008, 2008R2, or 2012 to enable traffic collection on EUEM Collector




    Legacy ID:KA395990


    Windows Server 2008 through 2012 at the time of this writing does not support virtual machines with promiscuous mode on their network interfaces.  In order to passively capture live traffic on a wire, the EUEM Collector requires that it's capture interface is set in promiscuous mode.  In short - the collector cannot be run on Hyper-V if it needs to capture raw traffic on the wire.  There are options however:


    1.  If you are using a GRE or ERSPAN tunnel to feed traffic, the EUEM collector still supports this, and these do not require promiscuous mode.  While untested, F5 clonepools should also work.


    2.  You can install the EUEM Cloud Probe as a service on the Windows host.  Once running, it can be configured to send its data to the EUEM Collector running as a VM.


    3.  You can contact your sales team to look into acquiring a hardware appliance to run as a collector instead, or run the collector on one of our other supported platforms.


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