Error: "(BMC-CLMT-10800201) Error in searching for the pod in the proxy provider (ARERR 219009)" observed while creating POD in CLM 3.0 Amazon EC2 integration

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management



    Environmental Details: BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 3.x


    Amazon EC2 providers have been configured, but while creating a POD and selecting the Amazon provider, it does not load up the Availability Zones. Instead it generates the following error:


    (BMC-CLMT-10800201) Error in searching for the pod in the proxy provider (ARERR 219009).




    Legacy ID:KA378614


    This error may be received if:


    1. The EC2 User Credentials are wrongly mentioned in Cloud Portal. Please verify the credentials by:


    a) Logging in as CLM Admin
    b) Going to Provider Workspace.
    c) Clicking on "Manage EC2 User Credentials" button.
    d) Checking account details.


    2. There are any network connectivity issues specifically in connectivity to Atrium Web Registry services. Atrium web services are utilized to refer the Physical Location in BMC.CORE:BMC_PhysicalLocation form during the creation of a POD and hence if there are any network connectivity issues in reaching Atrium web services, the above mentioned error can be received.


    3. The problem is also seen when BAO server and Amazon EC2 server are not in the same timestamp. If the timestamps between the servers are observed to be different, adjust the time on the BAO server and synchronize it with the others servers (NTP).

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