Sandbox reconciliation runs inline when adding CI to people relationship even though set to be scheduled

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite



    Using ITSM 7.6.04 SP1/Atrium Core 7.6.04 SP1/AR 7.6.04 SP2

    In our Asset Management Settings we have:
     Sandbox Enabled = No
    Sandbox Job Calls for People = Scheduled

    We have set the Job Calls to scheduled as we were experiencing some performance issues when loading records to CTM:People, or when using the People Synchronization Console.  There are thousands of entries in the Reconciliation Console showing that the BMC Asset Management - Sandbox job was started many times at once.

    The issue we have discovered is that Filter: ASI:SHR:SandboxCallReconEngineRelation_999 will cause the Sandbox reconciliation job to run inline. This filter is on the BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseRelationship and gets called when someone creates a relationship to a People record e.g. Creating a Used By relationship on the People tab of a Computer System. When this runs it doesn't just reconcile the single relationship, it reconciles all sandbox entries waiting for reconciliation.

    What this means is if I import 100,000 people records, they should wait until the midnight reconciliation job, but if a user creates a single People to CI relationship, the whole 100,000 records will be reconciled at the same time (most likely during business hours). This is obviously less than ideal.

    We would like to disable this filter. The reconciliation of the relationship will still happen at the scheduled time (midnight) along with the rest of the records. We realise this means that the dependency relationship will not show up until after the recon job in the relationship tab of the CI, but the relationship will still be showing on the People tab of the CI.




    Legacy ID:KA369964


    The following 3 filters fire reconciliation job when CI is submitted or updated

    This is a current design and you can disable 3 filters if you don't want to fire sandbox reconciliation job everytime.
    Please turn on filters again if customer wants to fire jobs immediately when CIs modified or created.


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