ARERR 331 is generated once a user with READ license responds to survey through a URL link

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management



    User is not able to submit the survey request (SRM:Survey) if he carries a read license. On providing a AR-System Write license the surveys are observed to be working fine.
    BMC Service Request Management (version 2.2.00) DR: BMC Service Request Management;




    Legacy ID:KA322794

    As per our test, the ARERR 331 will occur in one of two conditions, given the user is with Read license only.  
        1  if submitter mode is Changeable  
        2  if a different user than the original SR Submitter is submitting the survey answers 
      In the matter, the customer is experiencing the scenario 2. Once the regarded AR user responds to a survey generated from his/her own SR, the ARERR331 is not appearing. 
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