Perl script to connect to console and log

Version 3

    Perl script (requires Net::Telnet) module for connecting to console via telnet, verifying the first input (banner), log to file, print to screen (BL Log) then exit when matching input marker is reached.  Timeout, port can also be set.


    The script requires the Net::Telnet module. Net::Telnet is fairly useful and can also operate in an interactive session much like expect just easier.


    Use case for this is our client DST needed to improve their existing patching solution which requires reboot into single user mode on Solaris and monitor the output for errors, etc. while in single user mode.  Now it can be done automatically with the help of KVM over IP.


    Goal is to setup a compliance job that will parse the output (extended object) using single line grammar and match for errors to determine compliance or not once job is finished.