Perl script to retrieve agentinfo, take hostid, set server property, determine duplicates and report

Version 3

    This basic script will retrieve all agent info data, store in a data structure, then use the data structure to populate server properties, determine duplicate servers and report on.


    Usage : -g'/2-All Available Servers' -r'//bldemo/tmp/report.txt'


      --help Help, usage info

      -g The Server Group name to determine duplicates from

      -r The path where to write the final output to


    >> Host id derivation <<

      AIX    : hostid | sed -e s/0x//

      HPUX    : uname -i | awk '{printf "%x\n",$1}'

      RedHat  : hostid

      Solaris : hostid

      SuSE    : hostid | sed -e s/0x//

      Windows : dir | find "Serial"