Windows Tool for Creating Extended Objects for Event Logs, File Searches, and More

Version 6

    I have attached a zip file with an amazing Windows tool I found called LogParser, and some BladeLogic content that uses it.


    LogParser is a VERY versatile tool that can parse and search through: the Event Logs, the ISS logs, File System, much more. I came across it in an effort to find a better extended object for the Event Logs, and just recently, to search the file system. The tool is blazing fast and very robust. Basically, it allows you to run SQL queries against whatever source you choose (see above).


    I have included three examples (in BL Packages):


    findfiles - This script looks for any files contained within a txt file called blacklist.txt across the ENTIRE filesystem. Very fast.


    eventviewer - This script outputs errors in any of the three event logs


    eventcount - This script outputs a count of the errors in the event logs for each application/module



    I wrote these scripts for an appserver on Windows in the standard directories (C:\Program Files\Bladelogic\..). You will need to edit the scripts if you have a different environment. It should work on a *nix app server, since the Log Parser needs to be installed on each agent, but not the app server.



    Another note on Log Parser: I included the msi, which installs a COM object, help file, and the executable. All you really need is the executable, which I included in the BL Package for the agents.




    Ben Newton

    Senior Application Engineer


    (Greg Kullberg - 10/17/2007) Update: Added an export of the two BLPackages for people using version 7.3.


    (Mark Jeffery - 08/01/2012) : Update for Version 8.2: Extract, follow instructions in readme


    (Akbar Aziz - 03/21/2013) : Updated Mark's version for 8.3: Unzip and import windows_event_viewer_83. Also created the BLPackage. Unzip