Cannot select -Global- as company when we configure AOT with template.

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management



      Application configuration->Custom configuration->SRM->Application configuration->AOT configuration,when we select Template, it will not let me choose -Global-. May I know why it works like this? 

    BMC Service Request Management (version 7.6.00) DR: BMC Service Request Management; Server: AIX 5.x; Language: Simplified Chinese-China; Database: DB2 9.x; Web: IBM WebSphere 6.x;




    Legacy ID:KA321627


    When we are creating AOT with type 'TEMPLATE' we cannot select company as Global. This is working as per design. In SRM 7.6 configuration guide on page number 44 it is given that,
    TEMPLATE:- AOT uses an application template with pre-defined values. Cannot be used with global AOTs. Can include target data.
    Note: If you create a global AOT, you cannot use the TEMPLATE type.




    Application Templates are specific to a company/support group.

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