Overview Console does not display change requests as configured on User's application preferences

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite



    I found a problem about overview console filters selected on Application preferences Form. The overview console shows all change requests.
    On Application preferences Form --> the Change Management Tab --> Overview Console section I set the following filter values:
    - Show Changes --> Yes
    - Changes Status --> All Scheduled Changes
    - Role --> All Assigned Change Roles

    LP: BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 7.6.04
    DR: Remedy Change Management 7.6.04




    Legacy ID:KA363306


    Reproduce the issue in-house & generate Active Link loggings to compare with Customer's logs. Ensure that no workflow is missing.


    In this case, it was found that following Active link was disabled on customer's server which builds the change request status qualification based upon the application preferences for the Change application:
    Active Link: SHR:OVC:BuildQualification_120_Change_Status



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