Scripts for Server Change Tracking

Version 5

    NOTE: As of version 7.5 of BladeLogic, change tracking is built into the product and not accomplished via a series of scripts as with previous versions.  The built in change tracking shows the diffs in the reporting interface only.  If you want to see the diffs in the BladeLogic GUI or be able to run a 'sync to master' you may want to use these scripts.



    The 2.0 version of the scripts are a complete re-write in NSH and include a installer.  Details are in the included README.txt.


    These scripts automate the process of performing 'change tracking' snapshot and audits.  This will compare a server to itself over time to find changes occuring on each server.  This is a one-to-one comparison.  On every run a new snapshot is taking and an audit job is remastered to use the previous snapshot as a baseline.


    Notifications can be sent on run completion or failure and the comparison results can be sent as well, via email or snmp.