Jython and the JLI

Version 4

    To install and configure Jython please see: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa83/Installing+and+configuring+Jython


    The scope of this document concerns the installation of Jython to leverage the BladeLogic JLI as well as examples of common uses of the JLI.  Jython, the open-source Java based version of Python, offers a native scripting interface with Java classes.  Leveraging this ability, the JLI acts as a Jython bridge to the BLCLI.  Therefore, by instantiating a single JLI connection to the BLCLI, a script maintains BLCLI context from one command to another, requiring a single occurrence of the Java Virtual Machine as well as a single authentication with the BladeLogic Application Server.


    The document below discusses the installation of Jython with instructions to configure Jython on a machine to utilize the JLI modules.  This document focuses on installation and configuration of the JLI on the BladeLogic Application Server, though the same configuration principles may be applied to installations on workstation machines.  This document further discusses common uses of the JLI and examines specific examples of Jython code using the JLI.



    Updated standalone __init__.py to allow use of any user_info.dat file, not just the default location.