Service Request Group Approval notification are sent for each individual when Support Group is configured to use Group Email

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management



    Have Support Group configured to use Group Email with Disable Group Notifications set to No, however Service Request Group Approval notifications create individual emails per approver and does not sent out to group email

    LP: BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 8.0.00
    DR: BMC Service Request Management 20.11.02

    Details: Hi,

    As part of SRM Approvals, we would like to disable individual notifications when there is a group approval. i.e. when the SR is having a group approval, we wanted to send an email to the group email id instead of sending individual emails for all the members in the group.

    We added group email address in support group form and "Disable Group Notifications" is set as Yes. But the system is still sending emails to individuals in the group. Can you please clarify on Group email address and "Disable Group Notifications" flag in support group form.
    Please refer the attached screen shot for your reference.

    Issue Summary: Enabling SRM Group Approval Notifications





    Legacy ID:KA418159


    I was able to research our issue further with testing and logging analysis. For SRD group approval notifcations the approver list is passed from the approval server to SRM. Once the approver list is captured by SRM then there is filter guides which parse each out into individual notifications. Therefore this not your standard notification method as the list is generated from the approval server.


    RFE: RFE0006732

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