Perl script to download mssecure.xml and all relevant patches

Version 2

    I've developed a script that downloads Microsoft's patch description file and all of the patches referred to in the file (That is the clever bit). This is useful when the customer's app server isn't on the internet.


    In order to use this script, copy the script, and it's config file to a system that is on the internet.


    Add a proxy if necessary, modify the local_store, and make sure you change status to online otherwise nothing will happen.


    Then just run the script, and it will start downloading patches. Most of the patches will be downloaded to the patch1 directory, and duplicates will be downloaded to patch[http://2...|http://2...].


    Copy these files to a folder on the application server.


    Next, make sure that the app server looks in the right place for Windows Patch Analysis. edit the config.xml in <app-server-config>/br/config.xml Change the entry MSSecureURL to point to the location containing the MSSecure.CAB, and then restart the app server. It is worth taking a backup of this config.xml file, in case something screws up. An error in this file will stop the app server from starting up.


    You should then try a patch analysis job, just like normal.


    Once you have done that, you can then load up some of the patches into the depot. I recommend taking it easy, and not trying too many at a time. Once they are in the depot, the details are put into the database, and automatically matched up when you click Deploy.


    When it works right, it is really great!






    - Posted on behalf of Mark Jeffrey -